Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watch Jenny McCarthy talk about her son's autism.

In light of the recent Hannah Poling decision, in which the federal court conceded that vaccines could have contributed to her autism, we think the tide is finally turning in the direction of parents like us who have been shouting concerns from our rooftops for years.

Autism is a debilitating disorder, which according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is suffered by 1 in 150 kids, making it more common than childhood cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Recently, England and Ireland reported that autism is affecting one in 58 individuals.

My personal story:

I have five children. With my first three children I followed the Government issued schedule of vaccines from the first day, in the clusters they suggest. I was young, and I was trying to 'be a good parent' and do the right thing for my children.

Those three children suffered these side effects. I have one child who has mild Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. I have another child who suffered Selective Mutism and severe Asthma until the 8th grade, where she did not speak in public. And my third child suffered severe Eczema and where she scratched until she bled, hives, and childhood Anemia. Plus, they were always sick, always with colds, it seemed they had a low immune system.

I did not link the two, I thought it was genetic. However, in looking at both sides of the family, I saw no correlation. When I decided to have children again after 9 years, I studied, read and researched everything I could about vaccines. What I found out scared me to death. The cover-ups, the pharmaceutical kick-backs to the medical community, doctor and pediatric lies, the public schools with their kick backs and rewards. I could not believe what I discovered. The Mercury in the vaccinations (which causes causes neurotoxicity in humans, especially in fetuses and small infants and is illegal in CA now), the Mercury from thimerosal in vaccines is linked to increase in autism in a confidential CDC study. It is used for preserving the vaccination when it is made in the laboratories in large vats. You could link all non-independent studies-which shows that there is no Mercury in vaccinations, and that it has no correlation to Autism directly to Pharmaceutical companies who paid for the study. 

Story after story from parents who saw their normal child go in to get a series of shots in one visit, and 'lose' their child to the horrific side effect of Autism. This is no joke, and I was taking no chances. My last two children are healthy, smart and vibrant. No Autistic symptoms, and no side effects. My older children are almost fully recovered, but still have traces of the disorders. Here's what I did differently. I demanded no shots when my babies were born, and I signed a waiver. Their little 7 lb bodies should not be subjected to early vaccination. I waited almost a year before they had their first shots. I chose the shots (Polio, Rubella, Measles, Mumps). They did not get the DTP until over 18 months. (The DTP shot is a combination inoculation against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. It is given at 2, 4, 6, and 15 to 18 months of age-This vaccine is recommended for immunizing children 6 weeks of age through 6 years of age). I never took them in within a month of being sick or with a cold. I refuse the chicken pox vaccine, and still have yet to get caught 'up to date' on the Government schedule. And I am thankful. 

I have gotten into heated arguments with pediatricians, nurses, and doctors. I have questioned them, I have presented facts, I have demanded them to break up the shots and not give so many clusters of vaccines in one 'series' or 'clump'. And I am glad I did. They fought me every step of the way. (However, I have discovered pediatricians who do not believe in scheduled vaccines).

I know I saved my children by a healthy diet, being educated and refusing to be following blindly what pediatricians, doctors and nurses say to me about anything. I have turned down antibiotics when they are sick, and in any high fever emergencies, which they almost rarely get, I grill the doctor that wants to administer a shot, and ask  what are the ingredients, what are the side effects, what are the preservatives? I even have them give me the information pamphlet that was included with the drug when sold to the doctor.

I tell the preschools I have chosen, that I follow  A Parent's Right to Choose. We have a right to say no to vaccines.

Be weary if you hear from a nurse or doctor, "No, she needs ALL of her 15 and 18 month vaccines at the next appointment." Survey: 98% Say Parents Should Have Right to Refuse Vaccination. If you hear a parent defend the vaccination schedule, ask where they received their information from. If you read a pro vaccination article, read the fine print. Follow the yellow brick road, see who wrote it, who was quoted and do research. It all goes back to the laboratories, a huge $58.8 billion industry that is very powerful.

I hope this story has helped a mother or father to encourage you to study, be informed, know what people are putting into your children's bodies.

Follow your heart, and do what is best for your child, you could be saving their life.

Recommended reading: Jenny McCarthy's new book:  Mother Warriors  will force America to wake up. * I strongly believe critics of Jenny McCarthy's outspoken, and public views are protecting the CDC, and are not educated in the reality of Autism, or are in denial.

Bobbi Miller-Moro

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