Monday, April 20, 2009

A Child Care Center That Really Caters To The Needs Of The Parents During Economic Difficulties.

“In the time of hardship, job loss, and economic recession Great Expectations Child Care center in the San Fernando Valley steps up to the needs of parents, with quality and affordability with Nydia Sanchez at the helm.”

IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Mission Hills, Ca April 17, 2009

As seen on CBS Evening News/ KCAL 9 News-April 17, 2009 interviewed by Reporter Stacey Butler.

Nydia Sanchez is one of those bright eyed, happy and innovative mother of two that you would want to just be friends with, never the less have your children in her child care.
Her licensed child care is getting exceptional responses due to her ability to pay attention to the individual needs of parents.

“I just couldn’t believe the rates the child care centers were promoting around this area, and especially during these economic times. It is ridiculous. And if you go somewhere with lower rates, you compromise care. I heard so many discouraged and anxious parents, so I decided to help.” Nydia, owner Great Expectations Child Care

And that is exactly what she did. Nydia admits that she is in an older established neighborhood in Mission Hills, Ca but it is safe and gated and she has everything she needs to operate her home based child care center. She offers 24/7 round the clock care, with parents who work night shifts, or out of town business, last minute emergencies, and any other normal day to day events of the parents.

The children range in age from infants to K-6 ages, and her and her assistant Stephanie have activities for them all. “The babies have a blast here because there is so much going on, and they love it.” Nydia beamed. “And the older children always have something to do.”

What sets her apart is her level of care for the cost. Nydia offers three hot meals a day, play time, a computer lab, arts and crafts and curriculum based on age. Her parents are very happy. And with a 24/7 schedule you cannot beat that. She posts her rates online on her blog while her website is finishing being put up. (

“I don’t know what I would do without Nydia. She operates her center from her heart, as an Independent Filmmaker of five children I need good quality, dependable child care that I can truly afford. I tried everything from live-in nannies, to cheap home care, to big chain pre-school centers. This was my best find ever, the kids love it here.” –Bobbi Miller-Moro (mother and owner of Luis Moro Productions).

CBS News contacted Nydia to interview her and parent Bobbi and show her child care center that offers so much for so little. Nydia Sanchez has plans to open larger facilities and eventually go nationwide. She demonstrates an ability to have a successful child care and give so much of herself to the children.

She has posts in Craigslist and JensList, as well as various other online ads. But, it was word of mouth that has been working so well, and now the rest of Los Angeles will know about this great find.

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