Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facebook censors Cuban activist Luis Moro from speaking for The Travel Ban by deleting his account.

As I post this, I was also sent a warning letter that I will be next.



Press Release– Feb 10, 2009 – We believe that filmmaker-activist Luis Moro, administrator for ‘End the US Trade Embargo on Cuba’ group was censored by Facebook for giving information out, or supplying information in detail about how people can help to pass the bill to allow travel between the United States and Cuba by deleting his account without warning.

Los Angeles, Feb 10 / Moro Films LLC has released a statement to the press about what Luis Moro believes is a direct infringement in his right to free speech and censorship by Facebook. Luis Moro was networking and socializing on Facebook, abiding by all of their Terms and Conditions. On Feb 09, 2009 at 9:30 pm Luis Moro was on Facebook speaking about the Travel bill, when his account was abruptly deleted with no notice or warning. He was one of the administrators of ‘End the US Trade Embargo on Cuba’ group on Facebook with over 2,800 members.


Luis and his wife, Bobbi Miller-Moro immediately wrote to Facebook at info@Facebook.com and requested an explanation and to return Luis’ page immediately. Not only was he using Facebook to network, but to socialize with hundreds of his friends. He had more than 700 ‘friends’ and growing, from fans of his films, and his ex-Rutgers footballer friends and childhood friends. If he ever met his quota in adding friends in a day, Facebook would send a warning to stop, and he would. Other than that, there was no illegal activity or scandalous behavior that would warrant such actions from Facebook.


Cuban born Luis Moro made a film in Cuba and since then has been a visible outspoken voice against the Embargo on Cuba and has provided detailed information and request a call to action from pro-‘free Cuba’ supporters in his sitehttp://www.EverythingCuba.com. Moro is accustomed to this controversy being that his stand against the embargo has been a heated topic for many pro-embargo hardliners.


Facebook has deleted many accounts with no explanation as to why. They monitor how many friends you have and whether they are ‘real’ or not. They left an anti-Islam site up after hundreds of thousands of protests from Facebook users. Afro Cuban Luis Moro never once said a hateful remark, but only promotes peace.

“There is no freedom of speech on the Internet so long as the platforms for speech are provided by private companies dancing to the demands of the largest market.” –Jason Lee Miller WebProNews

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To contact Facebook: info@Facebook.com 

This is what he was writing:http://allaboutbobbimillermoro.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/luis-moro-sent-a-message-to-the-members-of-end-the-us-trade-embargo-on-cuba/


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