Thursday, February 19, 2009

“Women In Action” Series Celebrating Women’s History Month

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February 19 2009; presented by Women Without Borders US. Los Angeles, Ca, February 19, 2009-This spring, Los Angeles acclaimed artist and illustrator Bobbi Miller-Moro will be presenting “Women In Action” series in her  Unity In Art Collection 2009.

Celebrating Women’s History Month, March 2009, and International Women’s Day March 8, 2009; this captivating series includes photographs of women from around the world.

The purpose of this calendar is to bring to light the beauty of all women, from many countries. Much attention is brought to the suffering, or distress of women in war-torn parts of the world and in refugee camps. Although it is important, what is true is that these women are ‘women first’ before a refugee, before a victim of war.

They hold themselves with beauty and light in the midst of circumstances many do not even understand. In the midst of these photographs are exquisite women that are not distressed, but protesting, using their voice in action, or just being. These women are at the forefront, the front lines of bringing peace and human rights for all people, especially women, or they are just living in their natural state.

Quotes from powerful women; such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Ann Frank, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa and more, grace the colorful pages of each month of real textured cloth, vibrant mosaics, tile, reeds, and rich fabrics from all corners of the planet. Images of these women keep reminding us of how important women are to all of us.

About Unity In Art

Unity In Art is the latest collection from Bobbi Miller-Moro bringing together the images and expression of being united by love, beauty, light or creating. Her belief is all people can benefit from art, and explore beautiful images together as one with the ultimate message of peace.

About Women Without Borders US

Women Without Borders  US is a online resource and connection for all things pertaining to women and mothers. From social and world issues, Human rights watch, victories and support for women. Bobbi highlights powerful women making a difference in the world, and makes available a majority of the world rights and peace organization for supporting women and children. 

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