Thursday, February 26, 2009

“Giving is Living” Powerful new book by Marnie & Tisha Howard

Author Marnie Howard 




Generosity Makes a Comeback

New Book Shows That by Helping Others We Help Ourselves

Because each of us deals with so much stress on a personal level—especially in light of

the current recession—it can seem like an overwhelming task to reach out to others in

need. The truth is, though, that giving back can be easier than we may think.

Giving is Living presents a clear, practical guide to making generosity a part of our

everyday lives. It shows us how small efforts to reach out to help those in need can make

a real difference.


Authors Marnie and Tisha Howard explain that to function in a world of limited

resources and burgeoning demands, we need provide aid to each other. Giving is Living

explains that generosity does not have to be about giving money. It can start with a smile,

cost nothing, and it can do so much good.


The economic crunch is no match for this book—Giving is Living provides 101 easy

ways to improve our lives. It’s simple: by doing good for others, we can feel great and

begin to live our best lives.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Marnie and Tisha Howard are sisters in life and spirit.

Recognized as leaders in the philanthropic community, they have served with numerous

charitable organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Make-A-Wish Foundations,

Sirens Society, and Project Sunshine. Marnie is a resident of New York City and Los

Angeles. Tisha lives in Naples, Florida.

Giving is Living: 101 Ways to Practice Effortless Generosity. 

A Book to Benefit Those in Need.

A Hatherleigh Book, Distributed by Random House

ISBN: 978-1-57826-290-8, Cloth, $11.00

On sale Feb 24, 2009

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