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The Character Factor: The death of Political Insanity

Actor Luis Moro



The Character Factor: The death of Political Insanity
The Case Of Cuba

By Luis Moro

Insanity may be defined as doing the same thing repeatedly with the expectation of a different result. A politician who supports a failed 40-year-old policy could be diagnosed with "Political Insanity". It is time we killed off Political Insanity by our elected U.S. officials. This and many more facts will be explored in the next issue of Immigrant Magazine.

Would you trust a person who continues to make the wrong decision for almost fifty years? Would you support a person who will speak in the name of helping people, PEOPLE who continuously say that person is not helping them? Would you believe a person who upon receiving a financial donation would change their vote?

"The Character Factor" is a full coverage story about the U.S. Embargo on Cuba and how a failed policy is still supported by so few even though it negatively affects so many. You will be surprised to find out how a one thousand dollar donation ($1,000) can buy a vote in Washington, DC. And even more surprising is how many politicians actually sell their votes for money. It is as blatant as one day they are against our U.S. policies against Cuba; they get a donation and the next day they vote for the failed policy against Cuba. We will explore why a few white politicians in America and Cuba strangle Cuba, a country with a predominantly black population.

With the duplicity, outright lying and misrepresentations by many of today's politicians there is one clear question that separates today's candidates for the U.S. Presidency. Are you for or against the four- decade failed, U.S. Policy on Cuba? The answer to this question could be the one answer that will determine the vote of every American.

Nobody can deny that U.S. Policies towards Cuba have failed over the last several decades. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. It is clear in these times of political insanity that no politician can hide from his or her history. And all politicians should be judged on their present character to determine our future. The character factor requests all Americans to bring to the forefront politicians who sell themselves. If a politician votes for and supports a failed U.S. Policy, they clearly are not able minded, equitable and perhaps even honest leaders.

It is known that in our nation's capital, legislative votes are for sale and barter. But no one will get away from the factual report revealing once and for all our nation's leaders who have lost their character factor.

Are you for a four-decade-old failed U.S. Policy on Cuba? Your character factor will now speak.

About the author: Luis Moro is an award winning filmmaker. He was born in Cuba and now resides in exile in the United States. His family has been separated for 38 years due to the failed polices of both the U.S and Cuban politicians. www.EveryThingCuba.com

Contact Luis@MoroFilms.com

The above article reflects the opinions of L.Moro and in no way the opinions of The Publishers Of The Immigrant Magazine. We welcome your perspectives on issues that affect you and the Immigrant Community at large. Please write to us at publisher@immigrantmagazine.com.

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