Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My husband's latests marketing attempt (it worked) with real truth behind it:


Barack Obama considers Award winning filmmaker
Luis Moro for Vice-President

Luis Moro makes Brack Obama Vice-President Short List.

WASHINGTON, DC – August 4th, 2008 –
Barack Obama announced today he’s moved
Award winning filmmaker Luis Moro to the top of his
Vice-President running mate short list.

The decision was made during Obama’s Foreign Policy tour
when millions of global citizen kept thanking and praising
Obama for speaking out against the 47 year old failed
policies against Cuba.

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Moro and Obama first met in Los Angeles, CA. when Obama
personally took a copy of history making film Cuba’s
Love & Suicide, the movie from Moro.
A few weeks later Moro was invited to lobby in Washington, DC
against the embargo on Cuba.
Luis met with Obama Senate staff,
which took another fifteen copies of the film for review.

History was made a few weeks later when Barack Obama had
the courage, dignity and character to speak out publicly
against the embargo while still campaigning for
the Democratic presidential nomination.

A bold move that continues to pay off with millions of dollars in
donations and global fans everywhere acknowledging Obama’s Cuba
policy is a clear demonstration of a person who is not influenced
by hate, vintage policies or self absorbed interest groups that
continue to support a Cuba policy that does not work.

“America and the world is sick and tired of senseless political
insanity and outright abuse by a select few U.S. Politicians who
sell their congressional and senatorial votes for money and favors
to maintain abusive policies against Cuba, America
and global citizens.”
Moro said when told of his
rise to the top of the Vice-president list.

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Of coarse,

he had lovers and haters & people who simply understand.


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